Characters Chapters

1'4 Teens are sent to an Island and battle it out for 10,000 Dollars. They don't know who will they compete against or what they must face, but who knows maybe it'll be fun.

This story is rated PG-13.


  • Amanda ~ The Canadian Fashionista
  • Angel ~ The She-Devil
  • Diana ~ The Self-Proclaimed Princess
  • Sharon ~ The Social Hottie
  • Jasmine - The Nice Girl
  • Maria - The Bookworm
  • Sam - The Tomboy
  • Leon ~ The Rude Brit
  • Ren ~ The Clumsy Hero
  • Rick ~ The Video Game fanboy
  • Thomas ~ The Rich Guy
  • Alexander - The Actor
  • Justin - The Regular Guy
  • Luigi - The Actually Italian Guido

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