This story is rated PG-13.

This is an anime writing. I hope this gets put on anime. This is like Soul Eater.

(Coming Soon)


Main Characters (First Group)Edit

Claudine (Female/Meister) (Soul Type=Happy & Fragile)

Henry (Male/Weapon) (Soul Type=Punk Attitude)

Main Characters (Second Group)Edit

Ghetto (Male/Meister) (Soul Type=Wild One)

Masako (Female/Weapon) (Soul Type= Kind & Silent)

Main Characters (Third Group)Edit

Vincent (aka Ghost the Kid) (Male/Meister) (Soul Type=Goth)

Nitori (Female/Weapon) (Soul Type=Crazy & Hyper)

Val "Valerie" (Female/Weapon) (Soul Type=Teenage Girl Attitude)

Supporting CharactersEdit


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