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  • AGIZZIOGrint

    My First Story

    July 13, 2013 by AGIZZIOGrint

    Just published my first story in here.

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  • AGIZZIOGrint

    To all guys who joined the crew in creating Project: Extermination, here are some of the few deets in our group story.

    As far as I can tell, there will be one major setting in the story: the facility where they were being held. Although, there will be some places to be introduced as the story grows longer. There will also be some minor locations outside the facility.

    As of now, I still haven't decided on the name that I will give.

    I already told all of you that together, we will create our own characters. But if I base the selection to my own ideas, I'd prefer the protagonist to be a 16-year old girl. But the selection still depends on the characters that we created.

    Us writers will have to decide about the system on how we should write this st…

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  • AGIZZIOGrint

    Group Story

    July 7, 2013 by AGIZZIOGrint

    Hello, people of "Writer's Resort Wiki"!

    I am writing this blog post in order to propose a group story that anyone of us can write. So, below are the necessary details that anyone of you should know about.

    In the modern day world, a group of super humans discover their hidden potentials. However, their fates were sealed when the mortals began to hunt them. Their deaths were imminent. The captured ones were trapped inside an inescapable prison. There is only one way to survive: kill their own race.

    Trapped inside a small world unknown to them, these people are challenged if they can stand for what they believe in.

    Their race depends on them.

    Will they kill? Or will they perish?

    As for now, I haven't decided about the characters yet. But I am hopi…

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