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  • XrosHearts

    My Review System

    July 13, 2013 by XrosHearts

    This is an idea I came up with as a way to provide people with constructive criticism. Basically I'm oing to try doing this idea.

    There would be a group of users, who can agree to help critique other's stories, poems, or story parts (Ex: Chapters, sections, etc.) Then people would submit the stories they would want to have critique on. The critics would then post on the section what they thought about what they were criticising, and post it publicly along with a rating.

    This way a writer may recieve constructive criticism from multiple sources with multiple views and tastes which would make these critiques unbiased.

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  • XrosHearts

    I came up with the ideas and now I'll share them.

    Sora ends up in Fix-it Felix Jr. game at the bottom of the building where you see Ralph exiting the building. He sees Ralph mad and upset and tries to help him but Ralph refuses and goes to the Game Central Station. Sora follows Ralph but loses him.

    At the station he bumbs into Ralph in the Hero's Duty uniform an realises that its Ralph. Ralph explains that he needs to win a medal so people stop treating him bad so Sora decides to help.

    Sora and Ralph go into the Hero's Duty Game, a cutscene would show the game ending and Sora then see Ralph heading to the tower after the game was over. Sora sees Ralph getting the medal and congratulates him, but he stepped on the eggs and out come heartless.


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  • XrosHearts

    1001 Wikian Nights

    July 8, 2013 by XrosHearts

    (Inspired by duh 1001 Nights/Arabian Nights)

    This an idea to make a wiki collab.

    This is an idea about a mad Wikian King who is about to ban a person if they can't tell an entertaining story. So the person tells many stories to delay the banning.(Just like the original story)

    Just me for now.

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